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Would this be a good choice to play during quarantine?

Yes! This would be a great choice to play during quarantine. Time flies by when you're having fun, and with SlingPuck, you will be having a blast!

Can my kids play this?

Yes kids can play this game! This board game is so simply fun that SlingPuck earned the #1 Rated Game for adults and kids!

Can adults play this?

Yes adults can play this game! SlingPuck is the #1 Rated Game for adults and kids!

How do you win the game?

The winner of the game is the first player with no pucks remaining on his/her side. It's quite simple, thats what makes it such a blast!

How big is the board?

The SlingPuck board is almost 2 feet in length. The exact dimensions are as follows - 56cm Length x 30cm Width x 3cm Height.  NOTE: Beware of others selling a much smaller miniature knockoff version, their board is about the size of your hand and you will be very disappointed when you receive it.

How long does shipping and delivery take?

All orders are processed within 3 days. Once your order is shipped, the estimated delivery time is 7-14 days for the US, AU, CA, UK & 14-21 days for all other countries.Please email our customer service desk at if you need more information.

What if i'm not satisfied with my order?

We truly believe that SlingPuck offers the highest quality board game on the market. But if you're unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, and your order is within the refund period, just contact our support desk for a stress-free refund (terms & conditions apply - please read our refund policy for full details)

How long will this board game last?

When properly maintained, SlingPuck can last for a very long time. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and do not clean the board with any harsh chemicals like bleach. The durability of well-maintained resistance board game is one of their greatest advantages.

Are the pucks included?

Yes! Each SlingPuck game comes with 10 regulation sized pucks. If you need more pucks because you lost one, we have extras for sale!

Do you ship to my country?

Yes. We ship worldwide.However, we do not deliver to military bases at the moment.

I still have questions..

Our customer support staff is on standby ready to help you with whatever problems you may have. Please send us your inquiries at and one of our agents will be in touch with you as soon as possible.